Slackback Headphone Winder

Julie Gorman


Brian Clevesy 


Jason Evans

​Founder & CEO

Everyone has the issue of their headphones tangling. We got so frustrated with it that we decided to do something about it. Every time either one of us went to the gym, walked to class, took a trip, or were trying to get amped up before a game, our headphones were tangled. No matter how much attention we paid to wrapping them up neatly, they still came out a tangled mess... so we said "Knot No More!" We created the SlackBack customized headphone winder as a platform to wind up your headphones so that they won't get tangled and will be ready to go the next time you need them. We also designed and incorporated a few convenience features into the SlackBack headphone winder that we thought you might like!

We are the brave souls who dared to take on the world's tangled headphones