As we develop our product and brand, we are reaching out to people like YOU to help us get started!

We are starting out with a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to get the funds we need. 

You can help us reach our goal on Indiegogo and get your very own SlackBack in the process!

These donations will help us with:

-The Final Design Mold

-Initial Production Costs

​​All of us at SlackBack want to thank you for your help, generosity, and patience!

We wanted to give a special thanks to all of our contributors so far! Thanks for your Support!

- The Igo family                 - Mark Evans

- Tyler Nevin                      - Ashley Pickert                     - Joseph Flaherty

- John Begley                    - Marty Kelley                        - Jacob Muellerschoen

Danielle Diane                - David Evans

- Chris Evans                    - Leah G. Nemon

- Alyssa Evans                  - Robert de Schepper

- Kristine Johnson             - Kaelley Porter

- Debra Simone                 - Andrew B

- Karen Evans                   - Katie Scholz

​- Shelby Evans                  - Bob Weston

- DMD                               - Jan