Slackback The Simplest Headphone Winder Available

This is the simplest headphone 


Think about the last time you used your headphones. You probably pulled them out of your backpack, pocket, purse, or whatever else it is you put them in. You expect them go be ready to go... but BOOM! Complete mess! You try and wrap them as neat as you can before hand, but then 9.9999999 out of 10 times those puppies are coming out completely mangled.. and we all know it!

The SlackBack Solves This Problem!

Wind up your headphones in the SlackBack and they will always be ready for you when you want or need them. 

They will be tangle free!


Universal: Specifically designed to work with almost any set of headphones...

          - Yes, even yours with the built in microphone/volume control 

Simple: "Set, Snap, & Spin"

Time Saving: We spend countless hours each year untangling headphones...

           hours we can never get back... until now!!! 

Convenience: Your headphones are ready to go when you need them

Money Saving: Less likely to lose, or have to replace tangle-damaged headphones again

Personalized: Customize SlackBack with your favorite colors and pictures

The SlackBack is the perfect solution for an everyday problem... tangled headphones!

We don't have time for that

and neither do you!

Easy to Use: Integrated finger hole on the clip for easy winding 
Adjustable: Designed with the ability to set custom length

Portable: Built in clip to attach to clothing

In-Line Usability: It can be left on the headphones while listening to music



Slackback The Simplest Headphone Winder Available

How it works:

1) Set 

2) Snap

3) Spin!